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Super Auction

The Société d’Aquariophilie de Montréal organizes twice a year, in Spring and Fall, a Super Auction. They are normally held on the last Sunday of April and the last Sunday of November. Subject to approval if there is a party or other impediment that day and also depending on the availability of the room. The official date will be announced a few weeks before the Super Auction.

The Super Auctions allow members and non-members to dispose of extra plants and fish they have as well as accessories in good condition that they no longer use, allowing interested aquarists to obtain things that we are not found in pet stores and especially at very competitive prices.

Everything related to the aquarium hobby can be brought in to the Super Auction of the Société d’Aquariophilie de Montréal IF it respects the rules described below.




Admission price: sellers and buyers $2

The next SUPER AUCTION of the S.A.M. will be held

November 10th, 2019

at 75, Sir Georges Etienne Cartier, in Montreal

at 10:30.

It is important to note the following points relating to the registration of lots and revenue distribution. Lots that don’t respect the rules may be refused at the super-encan entrance.

Online registration is closed

=== FORM ===

If you have difficulty with the pre-registration of lots or for questions about the super auction, please write to: <SocieteAquariophiledeMontreal@gmail.com>


0 – SAM takes 25% of the sale price and vendor 75%.

1- The Super Auction starts at 10:30.

2 – The maximum nunber of lots per vendor is 100.

3 – The end of the lots registration is 8pm the Thursday preceeding the Super Auction.

4 – The following items will not be accepted in the Super Auction

- Plastic Plants

- Sand, gravel and rocks (There may be exceptions, these will be decided on a case by case basis)

- Neon Light bulbs

- Aquarium decorations ( ie any that are not natural or are not used in fish breeding such as volcanos, greek/egyptian deorations etc)

5 – Items and products that have been opened or are defective (non functional) will be refused, such as

-Used aquarium heaters


-Chemical products unless in original unopened wrapping or containers

-Dry fish foods unless in original unopened wrapping or containers

-Used filters

-Test kits


6 – There is a limit of three (3) identical lots per vendor (ex three aquariums or collection of aquariums or three filters or collection of filters). For living specimens, a maximum of three (3) lots of the same species (by originating location or known variety) is permitted. The exact name of each speicies is obligatory.

7 – Respect the rules of the Super Auction….

8 – Respect all of the volunteers of the Super Auction

The organizing committee of the SAM Super Auction commits to reviewing the rules and procedures of the Super Auction and to make recommendations to the SAM Executive Committee should any changes be reqiured.



Lots that have a minimum price specified will be charged a commission based on that price even if the lots are not sold.

Any person who preregisters lots before 23h 59 on the wednesday preceeding the Super Auction will receive three (3) extra tickets for the door prize drawings.

When entering, each vendor will be given preprinted labels for each of their lots. Each label will have the lot number, the number of the table it will be placed on and the description of the lot. In addition, the vendor’s name, email address and minimum price (if applicable) will also be included. Each vendor is responsible to verify that the label matches the item being entered for sale and to affix it to the item in the manner shown in the instruction page they were given. If a correction is required, the vendor should see the desiganted volunteer to have a corrected label printed. Any changes written on the label by the vendor or other individual will not be mentioned by the auctioeer who must use only the descriptions of the preprinted labels so as to avoid discrepancies or errors.

For any lots not brought to the auction, it is imperative that the vendor give back the unused labels to the appropriate volunteer so that the lots can be withdrawn from the auction. There is a maximum of five (5) lots per vendor which can be withdrawn for a valid reason at no additional charge. Any vendor withdrawing more than five(5) lots will be charged $1.00 for each additional lot. Please see Annex A for further details.

Once the labels have been affixed to the lots, they are to be brought to the inspection area where they will be inspected by a volunteer and passed on to be placed on the appropriate sales table. Any lots not properly packaged will be returned to the vendor for repackaging. Please take time to read « Préparation des lots pour un Encan » so that you are familiar with the packaging requirements.

Buyers will begin reviewing the lots starting at 9:00 H and during the breaks in the auction.



Vendors are not permitted to bid on their own lots during the auction.

The starting price of each lot is two dollars (2.00$) unless a minimum price was entered by the vendor. The mimimum price must be preprinted on the label , if entered manually by the vendor, it will not be taken into account.

The auctioneers will only acknowledge buyers who raise their buyer’s number at the beginning of the sale of each lot. Your buyer’s number must kept raised and visible by the auctioneer if you are interested in the lot being sold. If you lower your buyer’s number, you will no longer be considered in the sale of that lot.

Any individual who raises his number during the sale of a lot will be ignored.

Buyers should inspect the lots during the appropriate time slots. You may question a vendor if you wish. All lots sold during the auction are considered “final sales”.

La Société d’Aquariophilie de Montréal cannot be held responsible for the condition or quality of any lots sold.

La Société d’aquariophilie de Montréal cannot be held responsible for any lots broken or lost during the auction.

All unsold lots must be picked up by the vendor at the end of the auction. The person responsible for the Super Encan will dispose of all unsold lots that are not picked up as he sees fit.

Amounts due to the vendors that are not members of the Société d’Aquariophilie de Montréal will be paid out on site at the end of the Super Auction or by mail. Members can choose be paid on site or at the next SAM monthly meeting or by mail.



Each individual attening the Super Auction is expected to respect all who those present. Acting in a manner that is considered disrespectful will not be tolerated.

Should you decide to sell your fish, plants or accessories, keep in mind that they should be of the same quality that you would like to purchase yourself.




Annex A

Additional information on labels for lots not brought: This is to sensitize vendors for whom labels are printed, but lots not brought to the auction. We want to point out that there are costs encurred by the S.A.M. in printing of labels as well as an environmental consideration and time spent by volunteers. So it is important that each vendor take the time to ensure that only lots that will be brought to the Super Auction are registered. Labels which are not given back to our representative and where a sale has not been registered during the auction, will also be considered as a lot not brought and charged accordingly. After verification, if it is found that the lot was actually sold, a correction will be made and the vendor credited.



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